Ciabatta Bread, Roundabouts and Guys Hugging

I’m perfectly okay with ciabatta bread, roundabouts and guys hugging. What bugs me is that our culture sprung these things on us with no warning and no one spoke up. Two years ago restaurants served wheat, white and rye, we used stop signs and traffic lights, and guys shook hands. One day that all changed and we all pretended that it was the new way all along.

Why Guys Shut Down in Arguments

Thousands of years’ of evolution has led to men having one basic goal in any argument with a spouse or girlfriend. It’s not about sharing our feelings, it’s not a about a mutually beneficial resolution, it’s not even about being right. It’s about getting yelled out as little as possible. After our first dozen arguments we’ve learned that talking leads to getting yelled at a lot. Not talking leads to getting yelled at less.